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What is the Difference Between Spondylosis and Spinal Stenosis

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What is the Difference Between Spondylosis and Spinal Stenosis

Human beings have a flexible spine that allows us to have a straight figure, and bend to our comfort. So it gets much easier to bow, hunch, dance and stretch! Now imagine if you had a problem doing all that. What does it feel like?

Stiff, and stuck. Isn’t it?

There’s a discomfort even while thinking about having no ease in movement. So to face it is a bigger challenge. What could cause this stiffness, and pain starting from the neck travelling all the way till the end of the back is all we shall know about, in this article.


Constant Lower Back Pain rising up to the neck, and it frequently comes and goes. Well, there are a number of problems associated with this kind of recurrent pain. The most common of these problems are spondylosis and spinal stenosis. Although both of these are quite closely connected, there’s a slight difference in the occurrence of the two.

Let’s take a quick look at what differentiates spondylosis and spinal stenosis.


Spondylosis is also known as the osteoarthritis of the spine. Spondylosis refers to the degeneration of the bones in the spinal region. It can affect any part of the spine: The cervical – neck, the thoracic – mid back, and the lumbar – lower back. Although it can be quite painful and worsens with age, most people with spondylosis don’t require a Spine Surgery.


Spinal stenosis

There are spaces between the vertebrae, which have spinal nerves that connect to all other parts of the body. Spinal stenosis occurs when these spaces between the vertebrae become narrow. The narrowing of these spaces puts pressure on the spine and the nerves which, as a result, causes numbness, weakness, and pain in the neck, arms and legs.

How are spondylosis and spinal stenosis related?

While the two conditions are caused due to different reasons, the one thing that connects both the conditions is the cause. Age and genetics play a crucial role in a person developing bone degeneration. And spondylosis is a type of arthritis on the spine. Arthritis can affect any part of the body, and the spine is the most common of all. One of the main causes for spinal stenosis is the osteoarthritis. However, the other causes for spinal stenosis may also include:

  • Accidents
  • Fall and injuries
  • Wear and tear of the bones and joints in the spine

Other differences between spondylosis and spinal stenosis include the symptoms which might vary depending on the severity and the area of the spine that is affected. The pain might be similar, but the degree might vary. Unlike spondylosis, spinal stenosis might require surgical treatment in severe cases, and might worsen if not diagnosed and treated in time.

So, if you think you have been dealing with something similar, call your expert now, and check what it is. For if you’re ignorant, you can fall into trouble. So get your bones checked and get that spine right!

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