What makes Sunshine Mako Robot different from other robots?

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What makes Sunshine Mako Robot different from other robots?

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The launch of Sunshine Mako Robot has instigated a curious buzz amongst Hyderabadis. “How is it different?” “Is it similar to other robots?” “Is no then how it is different from other robots?” This article is the answer to all these burning queries. #MakoRobot #SunshineHospitals

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Robotics is the buzzword of 2020. Not just in the Information Technology and Electronics industry, but in the world of Medicine as well. Robot-assisted medical procedures have been around for a long time sure, but the way they have been gaining momentum in the recent past shows that India is now ready to move into a new dimension of Medicine.

Staying a step ahead in such advancements, we at Sunshine Hospitals has introduced the world’s most advanced 4th generation Mako Robot for  joint replacements in India! Our amazing reputation precedes us when it comes to world-class Orthopaedic treatments in India. But sands of time are drifting towards robotics and it’s for the benefit of our patients that we have been advocating Mako robot-assisted joint replacement instead of  traditional surgery.

Now this may come as a surprise, but we aren’t the only ones in the country who carry our robot-assisted joint replacements, but the technology that we use is the world’s most advanced one with unmatched precision results. How? Let’s give you a glimpse of what makes Sunshine Mako Robot, superior to any joint replacement technology in India currently –

Haptic Feedback-enabled Robotic Arm

Sunshine Mako Robot consists of a flexible robotic arm attached to a grounded body. It is not a hand-held device like most of the other technologies. With this, surgeons only have to guide this arm over the area to be operated, without exerting too much pressure. Thus, improving their comfort as well as the result of the surgery.

International Certifications

Sunshine Mako Robot is the only robot-assisted technology for joint replacement that is approved by the FDA for Partial Knee Replacement, Total Knee Replacement and Total Hip Replacement. This makes Sunshine Mako the world’s most advanced robot for joint replacement.

Patient-specific Pre-operative Planning

Sunshine Mako Robot utilizes a detailed 3D model of the affected area to outline the tentative site and implant boundaries. Based on the severity of the damage and body dimensions, these defining lines are unique to every patient. These are then picked up by the robotic arm to strictly confine the surgeon within the pre-defined operating limits only.

100% Reliable and Reproducible Results

All cuts are performed using Robotic arm-controlled saw without the need for any cutting jigs. Sunshine Mako achieves ABC: Accurate alignment and implant sizing, perfect Balance and 100% micro-precision bone Cuts. It also offers excellent accuracy in cup placement with desired inclination and version.

This is not all, as Sunshine Mako Robot comes with a myriad of patient-benefits that lay all their doubts regarding implant placement, recovery, incision, tissue damage and blood loss to rest. To find out more information about how robot-assisted joint replacement call Dr Sandeep at +91 9100073093 or visit (https://sunshinehospitals.com/sunshine-robotic-knee-replacement/?utm_source=insta&utm_medium=bio&utm_campaign=mako-robo).

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