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What To Do If You Have Facial Nerve Damage

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What To Do If You Have Facial Nerve Damage

You might have a plethora of emotions inside you, but people around them understand only when you express. Now, how do you do that? By smiling, crying, laughing, winking, frowning, and sometimes, maybe, by pouting for that perfect selfie.   Smiling

Ever wondered what assists in helping you pull of so many such real life emoticons? Your facial nerves are responsible for all these activities. Even though sometimes you might think that the brain is solely responsible for all these actions, it is to some extent. The brain just registers the emotions. Showcasing them through facial expressions is what the facial nerves do.  Your facial nerves are two in number. One at each side of your face. Now you understand how important your facial muscles are, and what happens when there is a damage.

Facial Nerve Damage:

Injury to the facial nerve can cause a physical or psychological effect. In some cases, the damage is resolved immediately, but in case of extensive damage, the facial nerve damage treatment required  would be rehabilitation or extensive surgical procedures.  Facial Nerve Damage

Facial Nerve Damage Symptoms: The facial nerve damage symptoms are many in number. The symptoms also define the extent of the damage.

  • Facial muscle paralysis
  • Twitching of the face
  • Weakness
  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Alteration of taste on the affected side of the face along with excessive salivation.

Although, it is very critical to check for all these symptoms. Identifying only one symptom does not always mean facial nerve damage. All the facial nerve damage symptoms should be checked for and tested.

Facial Nerve Damage Treatment:

Unfortunately, there isn’t a hard bound facial nerve damage treatment as such.  If the facial nerve is paralysed, which is a condition known as Bell’s Palsy, then the treatments usually include steroid injections which is considered as the best facial nerve damage treatment in the case of paralysis.  Apart from steroids, if the damage is not as severe, facial exercises have proven to be an ideal method in facial nerve damage treatment.  In the case of severe nerve degeneration, some doctors recommend facial nerve decompression as a method of facial nerve damage treatment. Even though it is a controversial method, it can be proven helpful although there are significant side effects of hearing loss during the surgery.  Apart from steroids and decompression surgery, there are also other surgical methods which may help in the facial nerve damage treatment, which is done after carefully analysing the facial nerve damage symptoms.

Some of the surgeries for facial nerve damage treatment are:

  • Nerve Repair or Nerve Grafts: This is a very slow process. In this method of facial nerve damage treatment, facial nerve regeneration occurs at a rate of one millimeter per day. If due to extensive damage, a nerve is cut or removed, direct microscopic repair is done.
  • Muscle Transfers: In some cases, as a method of facial nerve damage treatment, muscles are taken from the area of the leg of the patient to provide muscle bulk and also function in the facial area where there is damage.
  • Nerve Transposition: This surgery for facial nerve damage treatment is done solely for the purpose of movement. At some time, the tongue nerve and the other facial nerve can be connected to the existing facial nerve. Once this is done post procedure, the patient can train themselves to their face by moving their tongue.

Facial Nerve Damage Treatment

It gets difficult in many stages of the condition, while diagnosing the extent of damage, the surgeries or procedures, treatment and post treatment as well. If any of the symptoms is seen, it is necessary to get it checked by a reputed doctor to make sure that adequate facial nerve damage can be prevented and if present, the appropriate facial nerve damage treatment is given.

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