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What You Should Do if You Witness an Accident?

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What You Should Do if You Witness an Accident?

When you witness an accident – first of all you get confused, and then go into a state of panic. Many people remain clueless due to fear, anxiety and lack of proper approach. Though the situation is tough to manage, you can still approach it diligently if you pay attention, become alert and adopt certain techniques. If you know how to stabilize the victim before the arrival of medical and emergency help – you could possibly save the victim’s life. Which means you can become a saviour of the victim’s life. Let us understand how you will approach the situation and help the victim.

Remember this excerpt from WHO – among the majority of deaths that occur outside hospitals, some are unavoidable due to the severity of trauma (severe injuries), but significant proportion of such deaths could be avoided. WHO compared the differences in mortality rates from accidents in different countries and reached to this conclusion.

According to several pieces of evidence, if someone around an accident site immediately gets into action after the accident and starts applying rescue operation or life-saving measures, then the road accident victim gets a better chance of survival – and also can be spared from the aftermaths of the accidental injuries. The rescue operation should be immediately done until an emergency team arrives.

Those who are witnessing the accident should be aware of the first aid in emergency situations – which involves swift response to accidental and trauma emergencies, the preparedness of the rescuer and the techniques they adopt to prevent unwanted damages to the victim.

Take the following measures

  • Do not shake or disturb the head and spine of the victim.
  • When the victim’s head and neck is disturbed or shook while shifting, it will cause major damage to the victim. It could even paralyze the patient completely.
  • When you are lifting the victim with the support of wooden block on either side ensure to immobilize the spine (do not disturb spine and head).
  • Make sure that the victim is in a normal position: both head and spine are normal.
  • Do not apply any undue pressure to fractured and broken bones and hands and legs that are severely damaged.
  • Shift the victim in an ambulance to the nearest possible trauma or emergency centre.

If you find some victims who are unconscious and have breathing difficulty, then you should take utmost care of such victims and they should be sent on a priority basis to the nearest medical facility.


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