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Which Joints Can Be Replaced In Your Body?

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Which Joints Can Be Replaced In Your Body?

The joint replacement is done when there is an abnormal bone and misaligned structure of the joint are removed and inserted foreign components in that place.
The new parts allow the joints to move freely and may or may not have any pain. In joint replacement, the fingers, knuckles and wrist joints are also be replaced.

The artificial joints are helpful in:

  • Reduces joint pain.
  • Restore or maintain joint movement.
  • Improve the alignment of the joints.
  • Improve overall hand function.

Types Of Joints Replacement:

The replacement can be done to the following joints. They are:

Total Hip Replacement


In the process of the treatment, the thigh bone and femoral head are removed. The hip socket is replaced with a metal socket with a plastic liner. The top of the thigh bone is replaced with the metal stem and metal or ceramic bone is replaced on the top of the stem.

The metal ball which is of the plastic liner is used to form the new hip joint. If the hip is replaced with the metal components then there might be hard to move because it may cause pain when you are going to sit or stand from a chair, difficult to wear socks and shoes, doing the regular activities.

You may also feel stiffness and severe pain when you are resting. If the hip joint problem is not cured by the non-surgical ways then you are supposed to meet with the better doctor, they may suggest you make a surgery. The hip replacement surgery may give you relief from the pain, increase the movement of the joints to return to your regular activities.

When It Is Recommended:

Osteoarthritis: This is a type of ‘wear and tear’ of arthritis. This arthritis may occur in the 50 aged group people and who has the family history background of arthritis.
Because of this, the hip bones move away and they rub against each other which cause hip pain and stiffness. It may also cause pain in the hip which is developed in childhood with great difficulty.

Rheumatoid arthritis: arthritis may cause the pain and stiffness in the hip and it is an autoimmune disease where the synovial membrane turns to swollen and thickened. Rheumatoid arthritis includes the different types of disorders which is called as ‘inflammatory arthritis’.

Post-traumatic arthritis: This may occur due to severe hip injury or a fracture. The cartilage leads to damaged and can cause hip pain and stiffness for a long period.
The hip bones are moved aside and it may lead to heavy pain in the hip and may lead to stopping of the regular activities.

Avascular necrosis: If you met with an accident, it may cause hip injury like dislocation and fracture to the joint which may lead to the stopping of the blood supply to the femoral head.
The limit of blood supply may cause an external part of the bone to be collapsed which may result in arthritis. When there is a lack of blood supply to the joints called avascular necrosis. It can also be occurred by the other diseases also.

Childhood hip disease: Some people may have hip disease from childhood only. However, it is treated in childhood only but, it has an effect in the future. The hip won’t develop properly and the joints may be affected.
The hip causes severe pain when you sleep at night.
The movement of the body part may be stuck to move the legs or lift any objects.

Total Knee Replacement:


The doctor may suggest the non-surgical ways to reduce the knee, if the methods won’t work out then you have to go under a surgery in which the diseased knee is replaced with the artificial components by the surgical methods. The knees make the move to the thighs which are connected with the lower legs.

At the time, of the surgery, the surgeon will remove the damaged femur bone and it is replaced with the metal component. The end of the lower leg is also removed and replaced with the channelled plastic piece with a metal stem.

Based on the condition of the kneecap portion at the knee joint, the button may be placed under the kneecap portion. The artificial components which are used for knee replacement may be known as a prosthesis.

When it is recommended:

  • When there are severe pain and stiffness in the knee that leads to limiting of doing the regular activities, walking, climbing the stairs or sit or stand from the chair.
  • There may be severe pain when you’re sleeping at night time.
  • If the medications won’t show any effect on the knee pain.
  • It may be difficult to bend or to take any object from the high shelves.
  • There may be swollen in the knee.

Shoulder joint replacement:

As a joint replacement is done to get the relief from the pain. The joint replacement is less preferred than the hip and knee replacement. The shoulder replacement is used for different shoulder pains such as various types of arthritis.

When the non-surgical treatments fail to work then your surgeon may suggest you the surgical treatment for the shoulder pain. The shoulder pain makes you get relief from the pain and help you to participate in all the activities.


When it is recommended:

  • When there is severe pain or injury in the joint.
  • When there is severe arthritis.
  • When there is a broken part in the rotator cuff.

Total elbow replacement:

The elbow replacement is done to give relief from the pain and it is common to the hip and knee replacement. If the elbow condition is not corrected by the non-surgical treatments then you may go with a surgery which is performed by your surgeon.

When it is recommended:

  • It is done when arthritis occurs.
  • When the patient is not able to lift an object.
  • The elbow may cause pain at night time when you slept on the affected area.
  • When you feel ill and not able to join in the household works.

Wrist joint replacement (Wrist arthroplasty):

The wrist replacement surgery is done by removing the damaged parts of the wrist bones and are replaced with the artificial components.

If the wrist conditions are not cured by the home remedies then you should make an appointment with your doctor for the better treatment. The doctor may suggest the elbow surgery which may give you relief from the pain.

When it is recommended:

If the cartilage is damaged by an infection or fracture, then the bones will rub each other which may lead to the arthritic condition.
When there is severe pain in the joints.
When you are not able to lift the minor objects also
When you not supposed to do any work


You may get successful results in the replacement of the joints. A result, by following the measures given by the doctor then you can be able to get relief from the pain. Go for regular checkups to the doctor for your better results.

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