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Why Does Arthritis Hurt More During Monsoons?

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Why Does Arthritis Hurt More During Monsoons?

Suffering from Arthritis can be painful. There is continuous pain and you have to live with that pain every day no matter what kind of medicines you take. This can make daily activities difficult to perform. Even though there is continuous pain, research has indicated it shoots up during the rainy season or the monsoons.


Why does Arthritis pain more during Monsoons?

According to studies and research, no season worsens the condition or arthritis or even cause it, it just alters the symptoms for a few days.

Such is the case of Monsoons affecting arthritis. It has been studied that a drop in the barometric pressure in your environment and air pressure can cause your tissues to swell up for that period of time.

When the tissues swell up, they do so in an already inflamed joint. Due to this, the joint pushes through the muscles and nerves in that particular area of the body causing severe pain. Any kind of cold and damp weather alters the condition of arthritis increasing the pain to a great extent.

Barometric Pressure and Arthrtis

Hence, it is important that if you are suffering from arthritis, and visiting a cold place specially which receives a lot of rainfall, you should make sure to carry woolen garments to shield your body from the cold weather. Summers or any kind of warm weather is better than any season as the warmth offers some comfort even though the pain is constant.

Arthritis is a painful condition which occurs due to the inflammation of joints. This can happen due to age or due to various other underlying conditions in your body, and if not addressed in time it may lead to permanent joint deformities.

However, adequate measures need to be taken to perform your daily activities by causing minimum addition to your existing pain. Therapy and physical exercise should be taken up to live a quality life. If you want to know more, visit us or book an appointment with Sunshine Hospitals so we can help with other information on how arthritis can affect your body and daily functioning.

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