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World Cancer Day – Kill Cancer, Not Hope!

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World Cancer Day – Kill Cancer, Not Hope!


The 4th of February is observed as the World Cancer Day. We, at Sunshine, stand in solidarity with the victims of cancer, the survivors and the unfortunate souls who lost a loved one to cancer.

We would like to start off by saying, please, do not panic. At 2018, cancer is no more all-fatal. The key is, of course, early diagnosis. 67% of cancer affected people have survived cancer across the world in the last 5 years.

Cancer and India

Causes of Cancer

But unfortunately, India still lacks behind. India is still leading the list of highest lives claimed by cancer in the world. The problem is not with the lack of medical facilities or the lack of expert oncologists. Even though, there is an economic factor in it, the major cause is ignorance.

Most of the cancers reported to Indian hospitals reach an advanced stage where coping with the disease becomes difficult. If cancer is detected in the 4th stage, there is hardly anything that can be done. So, this is our earnest plea that you do not ignore any health condition – you never know which is an indicator of a hidden yet, steadily growing cancer.

How To Bring ‘Sunshine’ Into Your Lives

If you are diagnosed with cancer, do not feel doomed. Be strong, have courage. Our doctors are skilled and experienced. At Sunshine, you can be rest assured that you will be given the best care. We will help you manage the pain and other symptoms and deal with the emotional trauma. If you have been careful and lucky enough to have been diagnosed with cancer at an earlier stage, then you still got chances of complete cure. Right now, Sunshine is the best place that you could be at. All we need is your full cooperation with the required treatments.

Dealing With Cancer

Dealing with cancer is not easy. It drains you physically and emotionally. We stress that you stay positive; that you stay connected with your loved ones. We have been lucky to have witnessed several such cases where many highly aged and small children have struggled against cancer with a positive attitude and defeated the rampant disease. For the same purpose, we insist that you talk to other patients and survivors to find both hope and fellow-feeling.

The most prevalent cancers in India are cancers in oral area, female sex organs, lungs, cancer, etc. Clearly, we, as a nation, need to reduce smoking and consumption of alcohol which could potentially reduce the number of people getting affected by oral cancer, lung cancer, pharynx cancer etc. Women health is a primary issue now. Proper maintenance of women sexual health, regular check ups are highly important. Oral care is the most neglected issue in the country and, especially in this case, there is hardly any economic factor. We, as a nation, need to be more attentive towards the ‘cries’ of our body and go to a properly qualified doctor instead of trying to manage the symptoms with ‘home remedies’.

Signs of Cancer

The fatality rate of cancer in India has been decreasing, but not fast enough. This is why, we, the doctors, staff and the management at Sunshine, ask you most cordially to increase your awareness regarding the various types of cancer. If you any symptoms of cancer or anything abnormal in your body, please contact a health expert at your earliest convenience. Medical science cannot erase cancer unless you lend it a helping hand.

Come forward and join us in the fight against cancer!

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