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World Population Day – July 11, 2019

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World Population Day – July 11, 2019

An international event is a World Population Day is held every year on July 11, and we at Sunshine Hospital Bhubaneswar celebrate every year to bring awareness in the people. It is initially launched in 1989 by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It was heightened by the public interest when the world’s population reached nearly five billion on July 11, 1987.

The World Population Day is celebrated at Sunshine Hospital with aims to increase awareness of the world’s population problems. We should think about the issues of the world population today. In particular, World People’s Day wants to increase public awareness about the problems such as the importance of having family planning, poverty issues, promotion of gender equality, awareness of human rights and discussion of maternal health.

Why World Population Day is celebrated:

The aim of the United Nations Development Program Management Board has a particular interest in dealing with reproductive health issues in the Community, which are a significant cause of health and death in pregnant women in the world. It was found that around 800 women die every day while giving birth to a child. The World Population Day Campaign each year raise the knowledge and skills of people around the world for their reproductive health and family planning.

Some of the goals to celebrate World World Day at Sunshine Hospital Bhubaneswar are listed below:

  • Educate young people to prevent unwanted pregnancies through meaningful and youth-friendly measures.
  • Celebrated to protect and empower youth for both sexes (girls and boys).
  • Teach people about pregnancy-related diseases 
  • Provide them detailed knowledge about sexuality and delay marriage until they understand their responsibilities.
  • Fight to Implement several laws and effective guidelines to protect the rights of girls.
  • Ensure easy access to reproductive health services is part of the primary care of each partner.
  • To remind them of hazards related to early childbirth
  •  Make sure girls and boys alike have access to the level of equal education.
  • Train them for sexually transmitted diseases to protect against various infections.
  • Educate people to eliminate gender stereotypes in society.
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